Museum Night 2016

What to expect at the eleventh Night of Museums 2016

 A rich and interesting programme in Croatian cultural and economic institutions

Night of Museums 2016 will be held on January 29th 2016 from 18:00 hours to 01:00 hour after midnight. The main topic of the eleventh Night of Museums is “Founders and Reformers – Josip Juraj Strossmayer, a Croatian patron”. Intention of the organizers is to pay respects to one of the most eminent and most influential Croatian public figures of the 19th century, a politician and a bishop whose 200th birth anniversary was celebrated last year. Therefore, Night of Museums 2016 will have a strong emphasis on the ways in which J. J. Strossmayer influenced the establishment of particular museums and collections.

This year’s partners of the manifestation Night of Museums are the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Museum of Đakovo and Đakovština, and Museum of Slavonija in Osijek. The main opening ceremony of the Manifestation will be held on January 29th at 18:00 hours at the Strossmayer Gallery of Old Masters in the Palace of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb, where the visitors will be able to see, besides the permanent exhibition, the exhibition of selected works of art that present bishop Strossmayer as a collector and the founder of the Strossmayer Gallery’s collection. Museum of Đakovo and Đakovština will have an exhibition in honour of celebrating Strossmayer’s anniversaries, showing Strossmayer’s legacy, as well as his relationship with musicians, artists, and architects, while the Museum of Slavonija in Osijek will open an exhibition that will present bishop Strossmayer’s connections to his hometown personal connections of bishop Strossmayer and his hometown of Osijek.

Theme of the Night of Museums 2016 will also introduce other important public figures from Croatia’s past, such as the reformers from Lošinj, how Juraj Dobrila left his mark on Istria, how Deželič and Kolarić influenced Varaždin firefighters, or who was Ferdo Rusan. Visitors will be introduced to the collections of many famous patrons, some of whom you will be able to meet at the Museum of Prigorje.

For this year’s Night of Museums some sacral institutions will open their doors, presenting collections that are usually not opened for public, such as the collection of sacral art at the Church of St. Servulus in Buje, or special guided tours, such as the one in the Pauline Monastery in Svetice, Ozalj, or the Church of St. Blaise in Zagreb.

Apart from museums and galleries, institutions that are not necessarily dedicated to exhibiting their collections will show us their rich history which influenced, and continues to influence, their local communities, such as the old hydroelectric power station Munjara in Ozalj, water well Borlin in Karlovac, Zagreb Brewery, and Zagreb Fair. We are also pleased that there is an ever-increasing number of students participating at the Night of Museums, that Universities of Zagreb, Rijeka, and Split are also participating, and that institutions, towns and regions are cooperating in creating the programme of the Night of Museums.

Museums, libraries, archives, associations, and other heritage institutions have prepared, alongside their permanent exhibitions, various interesting events. To mention only a few: this year you can find out what did Franjo Tahi’s sundial look like, who was the Lady with golden earrings, who was countess Lujza, or you can find out what love problems haunted citizens of Požega in the past. You can also participate in different workshops and try to make carnival masks, discover graphic printing, do a fast course in Glagolic alphabet, or learn 19th century etiquette.

As in the previous years, partners participating at the Night of Museums have prepared a rich entertainment program. Entrance to all events during the Night of Museums is free, but some events are limited in space and reservations are required.

You can decide where to go and what to look at the Night of Museums 2016 on, by looking through our programme.

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